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Halloween is candy night. This is important.  This is crucial.  This is the truth about Halloween.
Give Kids Candy. Period.

This is not a night about your frigging social, religious, moral, dental, or nutritional agenda.

It is about kids dressing up in crazy costumes (something they cannot do normally, and look forward to all year, frankly), and going door-to-door, in the hopes of getting a bagful of delicious candy. Not glow-sticks, toothbrushes, heath food, tracts, or election campaign literature.

Candy, motherfucker, CANDY.

And if you are one of those people who turn off the lights to discourage the little pagans for religious purposes, when you know full well there are hopeful children looking for fun and the kindness of their neighbors, fuck you.  You're a disgrace to your bloodline.

Halloween candy. Learn it. Live it.

Pass it on.
You're welcome.
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