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Okay.  It's over.


Why, for the love of everything fucking holy do people willingly subject themselves to the torture of reconstructive surgery?

This morning, I checked under the bandage I was given after the surgery to discover a gaping, raw, dime-sized quarter-inch deep hole in my face.  There are pictures and they will be on my website soon, and they are AWESOME GROSS!

Anyway, I was highly skeptical that anyone was going to be able to simply suture something that huge shut, but I headed over to the plastic surgeon anyway, paid my $15 co-pay and went in for the re-construction.

The surgeon shot me up with what could only be described as the most painful anesthetic administration I'd ever experienced, and then he set to re-constructing the wound.

I'll make it quick; he did it. 

My kisser has a long series of stitches where there was once a divot, and it's currently crusted in black sticky blood.

Lovely, but at least I'll look like I haven't been shot.

On the down side, it feels like my entire face is being dragged with wires into my upper lip region now.

And it hurts. 

Not as much as it did a few hours ago, mind you, but it still fucking hurts.

It feels tight and if I eat, drink, smile or talk too much, I run the risk of bleeding a bit.

Anyway, the stitches will come out in a week and hopefully my right upper-lip won't be stuck in a permanent snarl.

All-in-all it was the most pain-filled $15 I've ever spent.

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