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Comedic ramblings for a confused generation (not this one, the previous one. Geez.)

Dec 16, 2010

By request, here's a single version of Jingle Snake you can share with family and friends to warn them of their impending doom. Not officially a part of the 12 days podcasts, just a stocking stuffer.

William Carey
over nine years ago

I can't stand the lyrics, but its a catchy tune.

over nine years ago

This is great! I'm passing this around :)

Gene S.
over nine years ago

And a new Christmas classic is born.


Jingle Snake

Dashing through the house, a reptile on your tail,

Knocking down the Christmas Tree, the neighbors hear you wail,

There’s a serpent on the floor, it’s got its eye on you,

It’ll chase you down to hell and back no matter what you do,

Jingle Snake, Jingle Snake, it’s bit you on the toe,

And though you’ve hit it with a brick, it will not let you go,

OH, Jingle Snake, Jingle Snake, God it’s got a gun,

It will cap a bullet in your ass no matter how you run.

Dashing down the street, screaming as you tear,

High pitch whine of ricocheting bullets everywhere,

Panic in the town, the police can’t do a thing,

And all you hear is hissing as the hellish bells do ring,

OH, Jingle Snake, Jingle Snake, run before you die,

Slithering evil jingle snakes make baby Jesus cry,

OH, Jingle Snake, Jingle Snake, all around your room,

‘Cuse ringing hissing jingle snakes means Christmas day is doomed.

Anthony Anselmo
over nine years ago

Can you post the lyrics to this? I think all the listeners should record their own youtube version of this and you can make a collage of everyone singing 'Jingle Snake'!

over nine years ago

God, this is a perfect song to sing at a karaoke bar.