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- TEKDIFF (teknikal diffikulties)-

Comedic ramblings for a confused generation (not this one, the previous one. Geez.)

The Rumbling

Oct 2, 2008

So, anyway, I've been intertube free for a day, as my ISP had some sort of meltdown.  It was interesting to have a go at life without the option of distracting myself at a whim, even if just for a day.  I could get to like it.. or not.
Tomorrow is the cancer surgery day.  I get up at 'fuck off' o'clock, to get hunks of my face carved off.
Yay, me.
In addition, the construction devils are pouring concrete forms to replace the street's missing driveway entrances, so I can't park near my house for the weekend.  And there's the noise.

Anyway, I'll be twittering my surgery recovery, so if you'd like to follow, go to:

and look for 'tekdiff' and subscribe!

And join the pain.