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- TEKDIFF (teknikal diffikulties)-

Comedic ramblings for a confused generation (not this one, the previous one. Geez.)

Feb 22, 2008

3rd Anniversary! Correction: LaPhroig is a Scottish Whiskey. A Scottish Whiskey. Not Irish. I knew that, and I got it right on the first take, but screwed it up when I did a correction take. My bad, sorry Scottish listeners, for incorrectly identifying that frightening alcoholic concoction of yours.

over ten years ago

How time flies! I can\'t believe I\'ve been highly entertained for three years, for free! Tek-Diff is one of the 3 podcasts that I have stayed with since 2005.
Two critiques, I would love a CD set of all three years and you need to promote yourself more man. I don\'t much about that, but it couldn\'t hurt.
Keep \'em coming, please.

over ten years ago

I\'m here. I\'m here... Jeez, just trying to get a little sleep and you practically scream my name out! I can count on one hand the number of times that\'s happened... but we won\'t go into that.

Well, three years... It seems like only yesterday that we were chums in kindergarten. And now here you are: a big podcasting star! An institution! Congrats. You bring a goony smile to my face on a weekly basis with your lunacy. It just keeps getting better, which is an amazing thing compared to most of the podcasts out there.

So when are you and Tom going to do the Parrot sketch? What a tremendous idea! Of course you\'d both have to put your own special spin to it.

And concerning the character list... Just consider it my weak attempt at repaying you for that time in \'Nam when you rescued me when we were pinned down by the Wehrmacht... while, uh, Zeros were straffing the... grassy knoll.

TekDiff is a wonderful, insane blend of all the great things about this country, including all the things that drive us up the wall. If someone wanted to know what the U.S. is really like, I can\'t think of a better way to be indoctrinated than to force, er, let them listen to all the past episodes. You\'ve been hitting homeruns for three years. I have no doubt that it will continue.

Nathan N.
over ten years ago

Hey, Cayenne! Thanks for the great podcast. I have found that listening to past episodes to be great stress relievers.

Not only has your show been quite entertaining, you have turned me on to some really solid programs. For example, I am currently seeking out a 12 step program to deal with my addiction to A Shanty No Lemon.

Here\'s to hoping for another three years!
Yeah, that\'s disgusting. I\'m going off to do some math.

Take care.

Jon L.
over ten years ago

better link people woops

Jon L.
over ten years ago

Link to the Tekdiff Message Boards that Mr.C alluded too at the end of the podcast. Still need to add Mr.C as admin though

Jon L.
over ten years ago

congrats again and thanks for plugging the new forum

Sylvain Racicot
over ten years ago

Happy 3rd anniversary and congrats on another great show! I don\'t write often enough to relay my appreciation of your hard work, but I couldn\'t pass this one up. Not many shows _actually_ make me laugh out loud (that\'s lol for those who blindly re-type acronyms without knowing what it stands for...), so that is to your credit.

As for your new schedule idea, I completely support it. It\'s your show and it\'s free, so it should be on your terms. I do subscribe using Juice, my preferred podcatching client, so I will still get all of them. And it will now have an element of surprise. Keep \'em guessing!

Thanks again and it\'s now time for something else I haven\'t done in a while, a donation. Where\'s that PayPal button...? Oh, there it is! :-)

Sylvain Racicot
Montreal, Canada

over ten years ago

Feliz cumpleanos, Conroy! Your Halloween special this year was, without doubt, the coolest thing ever to happen to the interwebs since the web app, and that goatse reference in this show was a masterwork. So was the Portal reference, for that matter...perfect dismount right there.

Thanks for another year of hilarity, and I sincerely hope the flu virii stay away from you this time.

--Aki aka Tom Tompkins aka Stav (that guy who has more aliases than a gangster rapper)

Ed Ovett
over ten years ago

Great 3rd Anniversary Show. I was actually almost in a bakery while listening. Is Dunkin\' Donuts close enough? Anyway I do appreciate the shoutout and intend to keep in touch more durng the coming year. Thanks for 3 years of good, good stuff!!

over ten years ago

Love the show. I have only known about it for a couple of months, but I have enjoyed every episode and consider myself a huge fan. Looking forward to at least three more years! Congratulations again.

Kim D
over ten years ago

Dear Cayenne,

The joy you have brought me over the past three years is without limit. Cause I can listen to them over and over, listening to the great voice acting, the ever improving sound and editing, the ever hilarious writing and the on and off bouts of slices of life.

After three years, I still look forward to every single episode, and listen to each one at least three times before I move on, or back through the older episodes. Your show is great to listen to while I am on the bus, on break at work, and especially when I level in World of Warcraft.

Keep doing what you do. Keep writing and recording, as long as it makes you happy. In my eyes, you can write no wrong. If you ever need writing help, proof-reading, or even just a quick idea in there, email me.

Hugs and kisses,

Kim Dallaire

Gene S.
over ten years ago

Damn, three years. Congratulations Chris.

Just let those voices in your head lead you to whatever outlet you like. We will a safe distance.

over ten years ago

Congrats again Cayenne!