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Comedic ramblings for a confused generation (not this one, the previous one. Geez.)

...bristiling with failure...

Sep 21, 2007

Oy. Terribly sorry to announce a lack of episodage this week. I have reached my limit. Not exactly sure why, but the energy to produce an episode has failed me completely. All apologies to all of you who wait hopefully each week for the new stuff, but I'm a bit whipped. Incidentally, I got numerous mails this week from new and old fans saying that they'd understand if i took time off. I took that as a hint from the hands of fate. So I shall rest up and have a new show this coming week (9/28). thanks for all your patience! -Cayenne

almost seventeen years ago

Okay stop whining about it and just take a break. :P You\\\'ve done it for this long you\\\'re bound to reach burnout on occasion. Even Calvin and Hobbes couldn\\\'t last forever.

In the meantime folks check out our gay comedy skits at Half the time I\\\'m stealing... I mean borrowing stuff from Cayenne ;)

Leo Vader
almost seventeen years ago

Take all the time you want, Cayenne. And I agree with Gene S. Having a less stressed out yet genuinely ass-blastin\\\' show once or twice a month would be great.
Whatever you do, it\\\'s correct. You are my church and my god.

almost seventeen years ago

It\\\'s the old dilemma of quantity vs. quality, eh? Well, personally, I\\\'d rather you enjoyed what you did (unpaid, I might add) than pushed yourself. Take some time off, ya big lug.

Gene S.
almost seventeen years ago


Rather than you continually pushing yourself and then beating yourself up when you come up short or reach a creative block, why not give yourself some breathing room?

Why not produce a show once or twice a month instead of every week?