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- TEKDIFF (teknikal diffikulties)-

Comedic ramblings for a confused generation (not this one, the previous one. Geez.)

Nov 11, 2006

All over the map like a drunken cartographer. Coffee nerves, Illegal immigrants, homo butsechs, the usual.

sixteen and a half years ago

If there were any videos than this would be a vblog?

sixteen and a half years ago

This kind of podcast made me forget about radio and corporate news. Add some Michael Moore movies and we\\\'ll have the very first important entertaining ever invented. Andy from generic drugs

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sixteen and a half years ago

this one is a two-listener, or maybe threee! I like the new people. Also the old. Everyone all mixed up is nice, proving once again the truth of what Mohammed said to his followers after coming down from the mountain: (singing) The moooooore we get togeeeether, the happier we\'ll be.

sixteen and a half years ago

I think that this kind of podcast is to be listened in a small group so that certain discussions will follow. Maitake Mushroom

sixteen and a half years ago

Hilarious, love it! one of your best episodes!

almost seventeen years ago

Tek Diff is the best Podcasts in podomatic and this show was one of the funniest. good work with the caffeine jokes and the paint and the black imps and the cactus and the teacher and all. Best Podcaster ever.

Kim D
over seventeen years ago

Perhaps you could try a cross stiching hoop with panty hose... Dunno, may be more solid, but perhaps more heavy. Not sure. I was cross stiching while listening to the show, so I thought about that. Excellent show, I\'ve listened to it three times already.

Seems like the weeks are flying by. Bad news for my school, work, and financial affairs, good news cause it feels like there is more tekdiff in my life. :D

over seventeen years ago

I agree with Anthony. Some great elemental beast was unleashed with that new mic! Maybe the fact that you can stand up makes a difference. All I know is that it\'s a full-time job to keep track of your characters! I\'m exhausted. For a second, I thought about going back and cataloging the product parodies that you have done. Instead, I had a homeless guy hit me over the head repeatedly with a baseball bat... I\'m better now.

al s
over seventeen years ago

Amen to all the above!

English Jackass Crew
over seventeen years ago

Hilarious, love it! one of your best episodes! (not to say the others arent good too, saying this is in my top5 tho!)

Fancy Pants aka Anthony
over seventeen years ago

Very good show, very scattered brained like the old shows, you can really hear the emotion with the new mic now. Very good Cayenne.