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- TEKDIFF (teknikal diffikulties)-

Comedic ramblings for a confused generation (not this one, the previous one. Geez.)

Feb 23, 2007

2 YEARS!!!

almost seventeen years ago

Hello there. It\\\'s THE Mr. McGurk here to say that Cayenne, I made you a wikipedia page. Yes, you are now famous.

Your welcome...not that two lines is worth anything, but oh well.

almost seventeen years ago

Mailing list?? have enough to do..
Forum? YES!!!
Great work!! Congrats!

over seventeen years ago

Fantastic! I love this show dammit!
Keep it up as long as you can.

over seventeen years ago

After two years of listening to your podcast, I feel confident in saying you\\\'re the Monty Python of comedy podcasts. Keep up the good work!

Zack \\\"The Mothman\\\" Daggy
over seventeen years ago

Hey Cayenne,

Congrats on two laugh out loud years of original comedic material!


Anthony Anselmo
over seventeen years ago

Oh dear gawd, you actually played my bad singing

Cayenne Chris Conroy
over seventeen years ago

Hey! When you put it that way, maybe that\\\'s not so long... Hmmm....

al saiz
over seventeen years ago

2 years and it only seems like 24 months ago. Congratulations!

Anthony Anselmo
over seventeen years ago

Congrats Cayenne!