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- TEKDIFF (teknikal diffikulties)-

Comedic ramblings for a confused generation (not this one, the previous one. Geez.)

Apr 13, 2007

Back from Japan and ready to party. Upgrade alert!

over seventeen years ago

oh thts a pity about wikipedia. i thought it was just length and detail.

Sister Mary Davis Jr.
over seventeen years ago

What could be of more importance than a good sized cock?

over seventeen years ago

The thing with wikipedia is that you need to prove how it\'s actually important to wikipedia or else they\'ll delete it. The size matters not, only theimportance.

over seventeen years ago

That was the toughest two weeks of my life! What have you done to me?! Great to have you back.

Also, thanks to that great Greek philanthropist, Anonymous, for his/her contribution. We will all benefit, I\'m sure. However, I for one enjoyed your personal bookends on each show... Here\'s hoping that contributions don\'t automatically mean you own a piece of ol\' Cayenne. I\'ve already fled from one medium (as Mr. Kovacs said, \"Neither rare nor well done\") that has ceased to interest me due in part to corporate sponsorship. That\'s why I\'m here.

Kim D
over seventeen years ago

Weee! The show sounded great and was super well paced this week! congrats!

Three seconds. I win.

over seventeen years ago

Any donations will be used to purchase memory upgrades, and/or an external drive and I\'m looking into a Garageband controller called (...well..) iController, and a Final Cut Express controller called ShuttleXpress. And perhaps some Jampacks (2,3,4) and loop collections etc. Jeez and then there\'s real audio equipment like mics & synths... money will be used for the show, don\'t worry. There\'s always equipment to buy.

over seventeen years ago

Hey, make a new wikipedia entry (this is in reply to a comment for last episode, i thought it mite not get noticed so put it here), then we\\\'ll put some stuff on it and Cayenne u put stuff on it about urself and stuff. make it big quick! so it dosnt get deleted.
Also, i was the first person to do a review of your podcast on the iTunes store (under the same sudynum (is that spelt right)as the one i\\\'m using now), you other guys like this show why haven\\\'t u put reviews up? its a way to get more listeners if lots of ppl give TEKDIFF 5 stars. Oh, i did the second review aswell, under a different user, lol.

Seeing as i\\\'m a new listener and this is my first post, i\\\'m saying alot aren\\\'t i? Sorry.

Congrats on the new computer, cayenne, just one hting. Don\\\'t think its so good, u don\\\'t want ot do anything wrong to it, and won\\\'t touch it and go bacvk to using ur eMAc, casue wat a waste of $1000 would tht donater have neen! lol.

Any hows like this weeks show, but can u put just a little more diversity in it? all the jokes seem to have the same kinda ring to them. Like different words but same meaning, or maybe thats just me. As i said in my comment last episode, make the sketch\\\'s short and sweet! to loong and they run dry. Other than that fantastic!!

I say to much...

Alfonzo (why am i signing these like letters?)

p.s. (P.S.?! even more like a letter!)
the first bit of this comment was published at this same time but for last episode but i thought i needed to get my message out for newbie like me so i copyed and pasted it into a review for this weeeks episode.

Anthony Anselmo
over seventeen years ago

Great to have you back Cayenne, congratulations on the new computer, you deserve it!