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- TEKDIFF (teknikal diffikulties)-

Comedic ramblings for a confused generation (not this one, the previous one. Geez.)

Apr 20, 2007

Coffee, Board meetings, cookies, jobs, kids, cons, cops, art, creationism and more coffee. Just rock me to sleep tonight...

Kim D
over seventeen years ago

I like the new theme. Want a little hint for making the show a little better? Only list one email, that\\\'s all we really need. You can put links to them up here, but on the show, you only need to say one, really, as long as you forward everything.

And... Jerome\\\'s friend has a name? And it\\\'s Bronson????? My world is falling apart! :D

over seventeen years ago

\"You\'ve been \'warholed\'\"! Inspired! I like the new theme and the new energy. Clearly you needed the boost of all this new equipment. I\\\'m sure that you spent a good amount of time thinking about what would break next. Now you are able to focus, grasshopper. And to Kim D: yep, Bronson; ep. 73.

over seventeen years ago

Another great show, but I must confess to not liking the new theme song.
And I agree with you, anyone making a \"Hobbit-forming\" joke *deserves* to be shot.

over seventeen years ago

A most excellent show. Japan seems to have helped you relax and come back with all sorts of new energy.

over seventeen years ago

Damn you and your sensible and rational points made through a comedic medium!

Not sure about the new theme song. Your original is a bit of a staple and a classic. Good show as always Cayenne.