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- TEKDIFF (teknikal diffikulties)-

Comedic ramblings for a confused generation (not this one, the previous one. Geez.)

Sep 7, 2007

A strangely game related show with a little help from Anthony Anselmo of A Shanty No Lemon to boot!

almost seventeen years ago

You have permission to play anything from my show as long as I get credit and you mention my podcast url. Send me a promo! I\'ll play it. I don\'t have a current promo, sorry. I need to get to work on that.

Jimi Lee
almost seventeen years ago

Awesome show man,I\\\'d love to use some of the skits on my show,Also I\\\'d love to trade promos with you!

almost seventeen years ago

No, I think Slippe Zippley is just a condescending prick for profit. Like me! As for your previous query about a new Zoo Patrol, it all depends on John Henry, and he\'s pretty busy with stuff. So It\'ll happen when it does I\'m afraid. Glad you all are enjoying the all night images too!

almost seventeen years ago

Great as always...maybe this time especially awesome!
I like the videogame-geek-stuff the most. Ever thought about doing a sketch in the \"Doom3 Realm\"?
Maybe with Jerome instead of the Space Marine?!

almost seventeen years ago

*Sigh* Satiated after my weekly TekDiff fix...

Am I noticing a shift in Zipp? Has he been taking lessons from the Pastor Ermine School of Intolerance to Stupid People (PESISP)?

Jake (of Just Not Right)
almost seventeen years ago


\"I know exactly what you mean.\"

and \"Fuck \'em!\"


It\'s pronounced \"Pissy!\"



Keep up the good stuff!

Anthony Anselmo
almost seventeen years ago

Totally agree with the board games. Thanks for using my skit. Pretty much close to what happened with my mom/

Kim D
almost seventeen years ago

Good show. Played Warcraft while I was listening, which was awesome. ;) I\'ve been meaning to send you some stuff, just need to type it all up.

Why are we all so busy these days?