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- TEKDIFF (teknikal diffikulties)-

Comedic ramblings for a confused generation (not this one, the previous one. Geez.)

Oct 14, 2006

Meds meds meds! A contest of sorts! A noble calling of sorts! British Detectives of sorts. And Mehlman makes a comeback much to everyone's surprise. Of sorts.

sixteen and a half years ago

The man like medicine you\'re talking about is not to be taken daily. Think again, you could finish buying prescription drugs online if you don\'t stop in due time.

over seventeen years ago

I agree, more zoo patrol, possibly even a holiday!

Kim D
over seventeen years ago

Loved the little jab at science education. Was working in school age sexual health education all summer and had to repeat that I was not teaching outh how to have sex. Ugh.

I\'ll think about a holiday, promise.

over seventeen years ago

Woo! Nice work on this one Cayenne, the first half was awesome. The Return Of Melman was a little... well, it wasn\'t all that snappy. Dragged on a bit at the end. But good fun all around.

The calendar stuff does sound cool - thought about publishing it as an actual physical paper calendar? Maybe with scenes from CSW as the images?

Jake (of Just Not Right)
over seventeen years ago

Thanks for the shout out, Cayenne! Glad to hear another Cop Beat segment is on the way. It sounds fun! I liked the drippy rain sound effect in this show. Ha ha! It was great.

Are you still interested in recording a quick bumper for my show? Something like, \"This is Cayenne Chris Conroy from Tek Diff . com. You\'re listening to Jake, that son of a (mumble).\" Or, whatever else you think might be good.

I\'ll send a calendar entry to you soon!
Thanks for always putting out top-notch comedy!


over seventeen years ago

Great stuff....good to hear the old gumshoe again. The calendar sounds like a hoot. I\'ve got to work on a holiday.