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- TEKDIFF (teknikal diffikulties)-

Comedic ramblings for a confused generation (not this one, the previous one. Geez.)

May 26, 2006

This one could explain a few things.

Michael Masatsch
almost sixteen years ago

Hi, Cayenne.
I\\\'m from Pforzheim/ Germany and I just caugth up with your show! Great! Hillarious! Funniest Podcast ever! Keep up the good work.
I especially like your Geek-Stuff like Resident Evil, D&D, Kthulu etc. More!!! Your Jerome-Character ist totally cool Dude! Totally :-)
I downloaded all your shows and so I spend most of my free time listening to your show now. Normally 3-5 epsiodes in a row. But I\\\'m still only so far as to Dez. 2005 or so. Puuh. But I\\\'m getting there.
Please excuse any mistakes in spelling - I\\\'m Kraut :-)
So. I here ya\\\'. So long...

over sixteen years ago

I still accept Leonard as my lord and master!

almost seventeen years ago

Aki, all who worship at the altar of the great elder god, Tekdiff, are welcome. But normally the initiation of doing the hokey-pokey naked during rush hour tends to discourage all but the most devoted novitiates.

David Cummer
almost seventeen years ago

Ooooooo, googly eyes are sooooooooo dreamy!

David Cummer
almost seventeen years ago

So I\'m sitting here at the new library, listening to the show, and down sits next to me a woman wearing a green baseball cap (with \"You Don\'t Have The Right To Kill Me\" scrawled on one side), three visors (one facing forward, the other two facing back) and a plastic sippy cup.

Oh well, you lie down with crazy people...

Nice odd show.

Hey, would Leonard like to go out for coffe sometime?

almost seventeen years ago

I do not drink coffee! It gives me googly eyes!

almost seventeen years ago

I love your show even more! BTW: Nose Water Tokyo does not work. The link. :(

I have to say Pastor Ermine is my favorite skit of them all! Keep him up!

almost seventeen years ago

Thanks, Steve. May I be indoctrinated into your list-keeper priory as well?

almost seventeen years ago

Then comment I shall, sir! Wahookiedookie! Loved the intro sketch, and Leonard has my deepest sympathy for his condition. Does Pastor Ermine take medication to keep from assaulting people with Bible quotes?

By the way, which show was the one with the man who has to paint the house blue so his mum won\'t haunt him?

almost seventeen years ago

No! I like the comments just fine! I just want to be able to respond with an email personally, and libsyn stopped sending me e-mail alerts with the contact info. Please keep commenting! I love it!

almost seventeen years ago

Too short :( I need more laughter in my life!

You don\'t like the comments? :(

I love the show! As a new listener its taking me a while to listen to all the old shows ( about 2-3 a day ) but I\'m enjoying it alot!