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- TEKDIFF (teknikal diffikulties)-

Comedic ramblings for a confused generation (not this one, the previous one. Geez.)

Sep 16, 2006

Coffee Nerves, Blame, & more! Crappy jokes need luvvvv!

almost seventeen years ago

I would say take your time when you do these shows. I can tell you\'ve been depressed lately and it shows in the last couple of shows. I would also say that if you need a break, run some best-of\'s for a while. Would rather have quality over quantity.

So where\'s Leanord this week?

El Nacho
almost seventeen years ago

OK show, there\'ve been better
where\'d you get that music clip at 9 minutes in? ive know ive heard that before...

Garrick Van Buren
almost seventeen years ago

Again - you are a master in the art of the segue. This one should go on the Best Of collection.

Anthony Anselmo
almost seventeen years ago

722454 oh wait thats the number I need to put in below, well the show was MUCH better this week then last week, however, what\'s going with Leanord Big Adventure? Where\'s the Transformers! Where\'s the gay spanking? :)

Kim Dallaire
almost seventeen years ago

YOU GOT MY NAME RIGHT!! WEEE, JOY!!! In other news, I have recently gone back to working in a coffee shop (a Starbuck\'s style one) and would love, no wait, die for, the opportunity to replace half my client\'s coffees with criquet bats.

Now, funny story about criquet: When I went to England to meet David who I had met online (yep, and now he lives in Canada with me, I am a lucky girl), I happened to be around when his father listened to a criquet match on the radio. This puzzled me immensly, but I didn\'t say anything at first. Going for a walk with his family later on, we came across a bunch of guys all dressed in white with bats. David happily told me that I would get to see a game of criquet played. I then asked: \"But where are the hoops?\" After a long silence, his mother took me aside and explained that criquet and croquet were not the same thing, and that it was criquet, the baseball-like (but not if you ask anyone from there) game that was on the radio, and not the game with mallets played in Alice In Wonderland with hedgehogs and playing cards. Oops. I thought his dad, three days after meeting me, was going to pummel me. With a criquet bat. ;)