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- TEKDIFF (teknikal diffikulties)-

Comedic ramblings for a confused generation (not this one, the previous one. Geez.)

Sep 2, 2006

The Listeners Challenge me! I rise! I go back to bed! Misanthropy! Monsters! Bandages! Suicide! TWO-HEADED MONKEY!! FIFTY DOLLARS!!!! Have you seen Pastor Ermine? If so please contact this podcast...

al saiz
almost seventeen years ago

Well here I am listening to The Absolute Science podcast for the first time and to my great surprise and delight they are featuring a skit from Tek Diff on their show...nice to hear you getting additional play.

almost seventeen years ago

Monkeys are just plain funny, pure and simple. Comedy gold! Btw anyone wishing to see the character list, feel free to go to

almost seventeen years ago


Love it! Great ideas people, Cayenne keep it up!


Kim D
almost seventeen years ago

Monkey x 1 = cute
Monkey x 2 = cute x 2
2 headed monkey = cuteness concentrated into a single, walking, talking, evil container of cute, monkey doom.

Excellent. Yes, quite excellent.

Jake (of CTLcast)
almost seventeen years ago

Cayenne, you are a genius! It was so cool to hear my small idea turned into comedy gold. Awesome!! Thanks for using it. Now, I have to pay you. (Sorry, not $50. How about $10?)

Keep up the great work!
- Jake =)

almost seventeen years ago

Can I buy a 2-headed monkey? I\'ll give you 50 dollars.

al s
almost seventeen years ago

Great show...I loved the meals on wheels, congrats to all the listeners that inspired all this madness.