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Comedic ramblings for a confused generation (not this one, the previous one. Geez.)

Ahem... Welcome!

Feb 23, 2005

Now then. The previous post is the Podcast feed for Teknikal Diffikulties, which is a ressurection of a Realaudio show I did about 5 years ago. That one was live.. this one 'aint. It's comedy oriented but I hope to expand it's parameters in some direction or another soon. I wrote the whole friggin' thing myself, and did about 90% of the voices except for the wife on the bit about reporters, which was performed by my lovely and talented wife Susan Grandys, and I got some more creative and acting support from John (Ricky Russian) Henry, on Zoo Patrol. He did the voices of Danny and Brett. It was recorded with Garageband on an eMac, with Audio technica XLR dynamic mics, and thru a Radio Shack 4-channel DJ mixer. If any tech heads need model numbers I can provide them but I'm not sure why you'd want them. My audio skills are Hella shitty. I doubt the equipment is a reflection on the barely passable mix job I did. Live and learn.