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- TEKDIFF (teknikal diffikulties)-

Comedic ramblings for a confused generation (not this one, the previous one. Geez.)

Attack of the Holiday

Nov 23, 2007

Sorry for the week delay, fans of Tekdiff, but between the buildup to Thanksgiving here, and a couple of last minute Drinking With Ian commitments, I had neither the proper time nor the gumption to do a new show this week. I could have slapped a "best of" show together again, but I thought I'd spare you that and/or a lazy show too. So sorry for the delay again and I'll have a new Tekdiff this Friday the 30th. Hope this didn't pose any kind of inconvenience to your listening schedule. The plan is to do the pilot of the Video Game show this week, though that may change depending on how it's recording goes. Thanks for being patient! -Cayenne P.S. Here's one of the things I helped with on Tuesday! It will be part of this month's DWI show.

sixteen and a half years ago

Yay, almost this Saturday!!!

sixteen and a half years ago

You\'re welcome. Or something.

sixteen and a half years ago

YAY! Every time you take vacation, I get a vacation! Thanks, Boss...

Not to say that I didn\'t miss having a new episode, of course.

Kim D
sixteen and a half years ago

I soooo cannot wait for the Video Game podcast. Eeeeeek! I just may explode. Do you listen to Extra Life radio? You might, if you get this video game podcast online, want to chat them up, maybe be on their show, get them to pimp you. they have a big audience and it would rock to infect more people with the Cayenne. ;)

Jon L
sixteen and a half years ago

I was half expecting a no episode this week though it wasn\'t formally announced. I am looking forward for the pilot. Enjoy the week