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- TEKDIFF (teknikal diffikulties)-

Comedic ramblings for a confused generation (not this one, the previous one. Geez.)

MAKE IT STOP... make the madness stop...

Sep 26, 2008

Oh god... the noise... 

    Okay, now then.  They've been resurfacing the road out front for about 7 hours a day now.
  Since Monday.


 I think I've snapped a bit.  The noise brings insanity.  I see visions of broken roads and cyclopean hazard cones...

     Anyway, the thing is, there's no show this week because of the DAMN NOISE.  So I'll be working this weekend preparing for next week's show.  Which I hope to have done before Thursday when the face surgery happens. 
I'm sorry if that plan falls through as well, as they clearly aren't done with their infernal machinations out front.  I never knew a simple steamroller could be so... horribly... horribly... loud...

     I've seen it...heard it... I've watched the very foundations of my home tremble... Just as in the book...
 Alhazred knew...  They must have had road work back then...  Donkey, and mules, probably, but still...

I can see them now.. GOD!  in their orange vests and yellow plastic helmets!  They're coming

      Yog-Sothoth save me! The bulldozers!  The blasphemous backhoes!  The shreiking engines!

The window!  The window!

Will somebody close that frigging window, already!  Jeez, I can't hear myself typing over here!

        -Cayenne Chris Conroy,
September, 26th, 2008
At The Roadway of Madness

fifteen and a half years ago

I\'ve done that several times now (the \'construction noise thing\'). It works but it can get tiresome. Mostly, the noise is so overwhwlming, I don\'t want to record, is the problem... Sorry for any delayed responses, I haven\'t had internet for a day or so.

Crash Gordon
fifteen and a half years ago

Here\'s an idea: Why don\'t you write a sketch that has construction equipment in the background?

Two guys in hard hats get into a humorous situation...

Some schmo in a car is trying to get someplace but the DAMN CONSTRUCTION...

A Really Important Person is trying to hold a conference call with a multimillion dollar potential customer while a new hotel goes up next door...

Something like that. Then, you simply fold the construction noise into your zen-like embrace and instead of fighting it, make it work for you.

fifteen and a half years ago

Wow CCC...take the break, u need it. srsly. hah, again, thx for the help wiht my podcast, when i start to drag my lazy ass and get it up and running, i\'ll let u know. gl with the cancer. i\'m sure it won\'t be a problem, we believe in u!! DEATH TO ALL NOISES!

Dinos P
almost sixteen years ago

My god !! I really feel sorry for you. Cayenne dont worry about the show just relax, when the madness dies down and you feel better from the surgery then you can make us laugh again.
We are your fans and we will follow you to the depths of hell!!