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- TEKDIFF (teknikal diffikulties)-

Comedic ramblings for a confused generation (not this one, the previous one. Geez.)

Jan 22, 2010

They're coming! But first: You're being watched....

Crazy Nutso
over fourteen years ago

I followed your advise and watched the swarm. Sir, that may have been some of the worst advice I\\\'ve ever received. And I was once advised to throw a rock at a bee hive. Thank you for the entertaining show.

fourteen and a half years ago

I\'ve seen The Swarm about 6 times when I was a kid, and I liked it. Is it really that bad now?

Sylvain Racicot
fourteen and a half years ago

Thank-you for another very funny show, Chris! I always look forward for the new episodes on Friday\'s, what a great way to start the week-end. I would still enjoy it if it came out on a different day, mind you.

I have an observation to make regarding this week\'s show. I like how you brought up the fact that \'they\' take good movies that are perfectly fine as they are and remake them. Usually with inferior results. Why do they mess with these?

Instants later, you tell us, with a straight face, I assume, that your fans told you that they like the Teknikal Diffikulties / Tek Diff names just fine (this would include me). And then, you tell us you want to mess with them. Is this simply yet another joke, just to keep with one of this week\'s theme? I\'m not sure if I should laugh or take you seriously. Or both.

Finally, we know bees have been mysteriously disappearing in the past few years. I guess we now know what happened. Snipers, who knew?

Thanks again for a great show, can\'t wait for the next one (but I will)!

Montreal, Canada