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- TEKDIFF (teknikal diffikulties)-

Comedic ramblings for a confused generation (not this one, the previous one. Geez.)

Aug 17, 2007

New features. Slip's meds. Jerome's lunch. Jerome's lisence. New TV sit com. Confusion. AND Lynerd's Big Adventure continues! I'm Baaaaaack...

Kim D
almost seventeen years ago

That\\\'s not a real food, is it? The bird stuffed ina a bird, stuffed in a bird? I had trouble in England with the sausage and chicken wrapped in bacon....

almost seventeen years ago

Thank you thank you. It\\\'s good to be home...

almost seventeen years ago

I\'m in total agreement. Welcome back, sir. I swear that the next chance I get, I will exclaim that I\'m not confused; reality is being less cooperative.

Click the link for the TekDiff character list (ignore the Godaddy commercial; it\'s a free site, and I\'m cheap).

almost seventeen years ago

I know it\'s a little weird, but \"We won\'t be back right after this\" made me laugh. Gotta love how you always find new twists on commonly used phrases. :D

Anyway, I like what you do, you\'ve created (and still continue to) create some of the funniest - well - funny stuff I\'ve ever heard. And that\'s no lie. Keep up the great work! :)

almost seventeen years ago

Welcome back to comedy..... again. I loved having an episode about the length of the shows you had like a couple of months ago.