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- TEKDIFF (teknikal diffikulties)-

Comedic ramblings for a confused generation (not this one, the previous one. Geez.)

Feb 24, 2006

52 weeks of Stupidity Celebrated! The longest laziest show YET! My gracious fans show a little love!

over eighteen years ago

I\'m supposed to comment on a year of success? You kidding me? I\'ve been listening since episode 4 and I\'m still waiting for a punchline.

But seriously...really. In the great Firesign tradition, keep it up. May you have many more years of mediocrity.

David Cummer
over eighteen years ago

Great show! By the way, yours was the first podcast that I put on my iP

al saiz
over eighteen years ago

That there be the best ass shoutout this ol\' boy has ever\'t got....I have to stop eating these corn dogs - they affect my speech.
Classic Cayenne...great show. Again, may I say, it\'s great doing business with you.

To another great year of insanity!


PS Sue, you are in my prayers! :)

El Nacho
over eighteen years ago

I forgot to send ANYTHING for show 100! wait! wait! wait...i know how to deal with this...

Five Hundy
over eighteen years ago

Congratulations on your first year of extremely funny podcasts. I continue to look forward to new shows each week. Brilliant stuff. Can\'t wait to hear what year #2 has in store.

Andy Bilodeau
over eighteen years ago

Hyper Congrats to you and all you multiple personalites there Dill Weed...errr..Cayenne... thanks for playing my bit... oh.. and thanks for using a BIGGER crash.... lousy sound effects library! I still gotta get me one of those... sigh... All the best from andycast!

Miss Samara
over eighteen years ago

DUDE!!! You played it!
Oh.... wow.
Have I ever told you how much I love you?
I think I have. But YOU ROCK MY SOCKS! I was actually on a podcast!!! I\'m so excited!!!!
Carry on, carry on. Go about your business, citizens.