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- TEKDIFF (teknikal diffikulties)-

Comedic ramblings for a confused generation (not this one, the previous one. Geez.)

Jul 7, 2006

What was I thinking?

almost eighteen years ago

Awesome show! I loved it.

Yeah, that email was from me ;) Very long complicated story about how I got the name ;)

Kim D
almost eighteen years ago

I have to admit, I believed it for one big half second. I was SO excited. I still am, if only for the HK factor. Hello Kitty. I tend to be hyper girly even though I shave my head.

Thanks for mentionning David`s podcast! He awaits the sound effects eagerly by the mailbox every morning, panting, sweating... Seriously, it\'s beginning to scare the neighbours.

Excellent show, loved the Harry Potter joke. Damn those books. Mainstream fluff. There are SUCH better fantasy books out there!

almost eighteen years ago

another great show!

thanks for mentioning me, i appreciated it.. actually i loved it.

unfortunately i am only a listener not an actual writer / comedian so i can\'t send any suggestions for the show. but still, i look forward to the ideas of other listeners you will feature next week.

anyway, thanks for an another great episode. can\'t wait for the next one.

almost eighteen years ago

AAAAAAARGH! I\'ll get it next week.... stupid me...

Wanker The Gangster
almost eighteen years ago

Yo man, thanks for the shout but uh, you forgot who it was to x_x
It was meant for my girlfriend Arore. But hey, its cool. Me and the rest of Misfit Animations want to do a bit of an ad/shoutout next week, that alright with you bro?