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- TEKDIFF (teknikal diffikulties)-

Comedic ramblings for a confused generation (not this one, the previous one. Geez.)

Sep 22, 2006

Orcs, headaches, Animal TV, bluffs, more Orcs, therapy, and Lynerd's Big Adventure!

sixteen and a half years ago

Dude, unscrupulous medical sounds like the White Cross adds over here. Cut your finger? \"Treat it like and emergency!\"

almost seventeen years ago

This made my day; Puke is absolutely right. Between Sauron\'s method of movement (among other things of his) and Leonard\'s Big Adventure (the theme song of which I\'d be happy to screw around with GarageBand for), this may be one of the best things I\'ve ever heard, let alone your best show. Good job, man!

Jake (of Just Not Right)
almost seventeen years ago

Wow! Cayenne, you are getting better and better! Hope you gained some new listeners through the Podcast Pickle. You were featured as the cast of the day earlier this week. Woo! I said too many nice things about you, though they are all true.

Keep the comedy gold comin\'!
- Jake =)

almost seventeen years ago

Oh... My... God! Fan-elfin-tastic with geeky Tolkien goodness. What a way to start my Monday morning (I don\\\'t listen until then as I\\\'ve joined a cult that adjures not listening to iPods on the weekend. You may have heard of them: Notlisteningtoipodsontheweekendinarianists? Huh, I guess I thought we were more mainstream than that...). Top-hole British accent, Mr. C, but then again I may not know what I\\\'m talking about; my British accent has been described as \\\"rubbish\\\" by a Brit, and who better to know?

almost seventeen years ago

Agreed! That was the best Monty Python sketch I\'ve heard since they stopped writing sketches. :)

Anthony Anselmo
almost seventeen years ago

Better yet, glad to see Leanord\'s Big Adventure. I was waiting soooo long for that!

almost seventeen years ago

Monty Python couldn\'t have done it better. Fan-fucking-tastic!
Orcs talking about giant evil nuts, best skit yet.