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The latest round of Tekdiff! Solo flight, so enjoy! More sketch comedy! More fun! More SUGAR! For all kinds of gifts! I'm with these guys!
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I've decided to make this here part of my site the space for the non-audio areas of my life... mostly my cartooning. Look for interesting artwork here on a regular basis!
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And here we go again. John Henry joins me for another Zoo Patrol outing and I get a little silly by myself. And get your mind out of the gutter you heathen monkeys. Here are some links from last week's show for you: Wanda Wisdom's lovely podcast can be reached here: Learn all you need to know about Hollywood here: For instrumental sounds go here: and e-mail me here I plan to update my blog here more often so check back on occasion please!
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Hola! The new show is here! Witness to the bearing of my sole! Hoo HA! Cop beat continues and America gets a tribute! Laugh DAMN YOU!
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Well, John Henry returns for another in-your-face p-cast! And we sing our new song! It's a lazy sit-com with an unprnouncable name! No! It's a cop show! No! How far can a man be pushed!? Just listen! It'll explain itself. Really.
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