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Teknikal Diffikulties 3/30/06 - And Now... News. Vibrations, bees, old-fashioned service & news.
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Teknikal Diffikulties 3/23/06 - You don't bring me friggin' titles anymore I um... Hunh? What?
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Teknikal Diffikulties - 03/16/06 - Nothing to be said... Nothing to be said
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Teknikal Diffikulties - 03/09/06 - Some Enchanted Something New! Improved?
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Anniversary Part 2: The Revenge! - Teknikal Diffikulties 3-2-06 John Henry and I talk and talk and talk. The pas & Present &future of Tekdiff. Long and rambling and silly. The kind of 2 guys bullshitting show I promised I'd never do.. Don't worry, though. It's still funny.
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