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Tekdiff 8-24-07 Writer's Block A marathon of a show. I go double length to indulge you all with a true story and a fantastic Podsafe song! 3 Blind Mice is the musical guest, and we have a visit to a doctor's office, Thomas Pynchon, and my true to life story about Neil Gaiman. Enjoy!
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Tekdiff 8-17-07 More Information Than You'd hope for... New features. Slip's meds. Jerome's lunch. Jerome's lisence. New TV sit com. Confusion. AND Lynerd's Big Adventure continues! I'm Baaaaaack...
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And speaking of bridges falling down.... So a huge apology onced again to y'all, but I have to postpone this weeks show due to several commitments piling up all at once. Fuck. I promised that this sort of thing wouldn't happen and here it is twice in 3 weeks. Arrgh. Anyway, I don't want to do a half-assed show so rather than toss one out or put up an excuse bit, I'll jut apologise here and promise a fantastic show for the 17th. I only wish I was actually getting a rest this week... Again sorry! ...I'm a bad podcaster...
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Tekdiff 8-3-07 - Rested Back fro vacation! Bridge is out! Corporate kids, eye surgery, painting, and wrong things about monkeys...
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