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Tekdiff 4-30-08 - Chad Blastermann Part 2 Chad's back! Along with kids these days, and a new feature!
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Tekdiff 4-24-08 The Account: chapter 6 Chapter six and things get a bit hairy. Sorry if it clocked in a a minute or so shorter than the other chapters, but the sound design on this one was a bear.
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Tekdiff 4-22-08 - Click New serial. Interrupted, Natch.
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Tekdiff 4-17-08 - The Account - Chapter 5 The Account continues as Hanover and Nyro investigate the remains of one of the Waterford mill buildings. This on also introduces the new theme music I recently composed, and as a point of pride; instead of merely relying on my arsenal of pre-made loops as I usually do, I played the bass and piano parts myself. Cool, no? Okay. I'm not gonna win any awards, but I did it, so I feel good. Enjoy!
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Tekdiff 4-15-08 - Safety is Key Back! Miss me?
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Downgraded to 'Lost Cause'... Awright. All apologies, but fuck this. Susan's recovering from the surgery and needs me to do everything and needed to go to the doctor today, there's a handyman knocking stuff around in the basement, and the weather, while not sucking as hard as previously feared, still sucks like a pressure pump. Add to that the fact that I've had little sleep and I've been asked to play substitute team member for a geek-fest trivia challenge that we have no chance of winning on Saturday, and I think I'm just gonna hold off on any new material this week. Next week, 3 new episodes if I can help it. Excuse me *ahem* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
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A bit late this week, I'm afraid... Sorry, but this weeks will be a bit late and probably The Account ch 5, only. Susan had to have last minute foot surgery and things are all in a kerfluffel as a result. Also we had to have a handyman come in a fix stuff. His schedule is most erratic, and I've had to be on call for him to come in and bang things around. So it's been a trying week so far... Sorry, again.
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Tekdiff 4-4-08 - Audio Blog...sort of... Update! And then things go wrong...

Here's the Tekdiff Forum!
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Tekkdiff 4-2-08  The Account - Interlude:  The Hue of the River Got time for a story? What happened in Waterford anyway?

And whilst you are here, why not join the Tekdiff forums?

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