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Tekdiff 5-30-08 - MiniMysteries Can you solve them?
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tekdiff 5-28-08 The Account: Chapter 9 Chapter 9 is here. The fight is on.
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Tekdiff 8-23-08-Backstage Pass Well, the deadline kicked my ass this week, but all is not lost! Included is a preview of the next Account, and a behind the scenes look at production on the show. It's Sound Design! Enjoy!
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Tekdiff 5-21-08 - The Curse of Harper's Mill The Curse is here. And it's extra cursey.
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Tekdiff 5-16-08 The Account Ch.8 plus Update Chapter 8! Hanover and Ivan re-enter the Mill to try to find Nyro. Plus an update! And stuff. It's an extra long episode!
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Update on my voice So the cold has passed, but my voice is still screwed up. I hope to have it cleared up by tomorrow so I can record the Account Ch 8 for Friday. All apologies again. It sucks to have to rely so heavily on something so relatively fragile.
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Tekdiff 5-7-08 - Revulsion Creationism makes me sick in the chest. *coff coff*
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Tekdiff 5-2-07 The Account: A Tale of the Waking World,  Chapter 7 Nyro is gone. Hanover gets some advice, and some back story from Ivan. And we all learn a thing about good intentions...
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Well, the latest chapter of The Account is about half done, and was to be posted today... and then the thunderstorm hit. Which, as you may imagine, makes recording difficult at best. Not to mention a hazard for my equipment. So we'll see how long this sucker lasts, and wether or not it goes up today or Monday. -Cayenne
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