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Tekdiff 3-23-07 - Blame the audience pt??? It's Listener participation time!  Arks! Traffic! Offices! Miracles! No show next week as I'm off to Tokyo!  Enjoy!
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Tekdiff 3-16-07 - In the hole...Failure pt 2 LBA, Ad campaigns, a song... and my house turns against me... Tha's cold...
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tekdiff 3-9-07 - Failure Watch it all fall down...
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Tekdiff 3-2-07 Beyound the Known! LBA! Aliens! Abductions! Anti-semitism! Plays!

the official Tekdiff character list!

And Tom & Jerry... charming children's cartoon, or a Zionist Conspiracy.  Or is someone jst an idiot.  This isn't a hard decision, folks...

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