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Tekdiff 10-31-08 Halloween!  Dungeon of Madness Happy Halloween!
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Tekdiff 10-24-08 The Account: Reststop pt 4 New chapter.  Little shorter than usual for storytelling's sake.
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Halloween is candy night. This is important.  This is crucial.  This is the truth about Halloween.
Give Kids Candy. Period.

This is not a night about your frigging social, religious, moral, dental, or nutritional agenda.

It is about kids dressing up in crazy costumes (something they cannot do normally, and look forward to all year, frankly), and going door-to-door, in the hopes of getting a bagful of delicious candy. Not glow-sticks, toothbrushes, heath food, tracts, or election campaign literature.

Candy, motherfucker, CANDY.

And if you are one of those people who turn off the lights to discourage the little pagans for religious purposes, when you know full well there are hopeful children looking for fun and the kindness of their neighbors, fuck you.  You're a disgrace to your bloodline.

Halloween candy. Learn it. Live it.

Pass it on.
You're welcome.
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In stitches Although I lost all the really gross pics I took of my post surgery face when the HD on the macbook croaked, I still had a few of the post re-constructive goodness on my camera. Here's one now.  Pity; the others were a gory hoot.
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Even the failboat has left me on the dock... Okay. Construction. Roofers on the roof outside my window and my wife was on vacation.  All adding up to a no productivity week...

I'm sorry.  No show this time. 

HOWEVER: as of this coming week, the street is finished, Sue goes back to work, the roommate (Prof BX) is going to Miami to start a new job, and I have ZERO distractions from then on...YAYAYAYAY!

So! New Account episode for the 26th and a the Halloween special on the 31st, and no more schedule mishaps til the end of the Year!

Oh crap, thats soon isn't it... cripes.
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Tekdiff 10-10-08 - Face Salad Surgery A medical episode! Duh. Ow. My face.
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Okay.  It's over.


Why, for the love of everything fucking holy do people willingly subject themselves to the torture of reconstructive surgery?

This morning, I checked under the bandage I was given after the surgery to discover a gaping, raw, dime-sized quarter-inch deep hole in my face.  There are pictures and they will be on my website soon, and they are AWESOME GROSS!

Anyway, I was highly skeptical that anyone was going to be able to simply suture something that huge shut, but I headed over to the plastic surgeon anyway, paid my $15 co-pay and went in for the re-construction.

The surgeon shot me up with what could only be described as the most painful anesthetic administration I'd ever experienced, and then he set to re-constructing the wound.

I'll make it quick; he did it. 

My kisser has a long series of stitches where there was once a divot, and it's currently crusted in black sticky blood.

Lovely, but at least I'll look like I haven't been shot.

On the down side, it feels like my entire face is being dragged with wires into my upper lip region now.

And it hurts. 

Not as much as it did a few hours ago, mind you, but it still fucking hurts.

It feels tight and if I eat, drink, smile or talk too much, I run the risk of bleeding a bit.

Anyway, the stitches will come out in a week and hopefully my right upper-lip won't be stuck in a permanent snarl.

All-in-all it was the most pain-filled $15 I've ever spent.

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For the benefit of those who don't follow the Tekdiff twitter feed, the surgery was a rousing (if by rousing you mean kinda gross but effective) success! I'm free FREE, of cancer of the mush.  I went in early, got my kisser numbed within an inch of it's pugly life and then a skilled surgeon carved out those godamned undisciplined cells.  They even cauterized the heavily bleeding vessels with some kind of electric tweezer device, filling my nostrils with the acrid odor of sparks and sizzled blood. Mmmm-MM!

Anyway, I'm done with the removal part, now I just regulate the pain until I see the plastic surgeon tomorrow so's he can stitch up the hole next to my nose.  More come the morn!

P.S. Ow!
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So, anyway, I've been intertube free for a day, as my ISP had some sort of meltdown.  It was interesting to have a go at life without the option of distracting myself at a whim, even if just for a day.  I could get to like it.. or not.
Tomorrow is the cancer surgery day.  I get up at 'fuck off' o'clock, to get hunks of my face carved off.
Yay, me.
In addition, the construction devils are pouring concrete forms to replace the street's missing driveway entrances, so I can't park near my house for the weekend.  And there's the noise.

Anyway, I'll be twittering my surgery recovery, so if you'd like to follow, go to:

and look for 'tekdiff' and subscribe!

And join the pain.
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"So.  Can I have another go?"
"At what?"
"You don't like this one?"
"S'okay. Just not what I thought It'd be."
"And that's bad?"
"No. Yes. It's just...knowing what I know, if I could go back, I'd fix so many things. I'd get so much right."
"If I said you could have another go, just like you asked, but it'd cost you at least half your lifespan, would you take it anyway?"
"Well, better get started then."

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