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Mime after Mime: Teknikal Diffikulties 9/29/05 September goes out, not with a bang, but a silent explosion of a sort. And the history of one of elgland most mysteriously- named sports. John Henry and Cayenne Chris Conroy bring the testify and noise! Enjoy!
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A minute or three in Parallel hell, Jerome gets a job, and Mellman gets art schooled! Let's not kid ourselves deries. Another solo job! Whoot!
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So, here's the new Solo show from Moi! All different kinds of fun for a glorious September Afternoon/evening. If you'd like to read the original Horned Women fairy tale from Ireland, go here!

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Glo-girl 'Nother quick dash off
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Shine New piece o' art I did tonight...
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Gay truckers! Satan's master plan revealed! Bullets over Hollywood! It can only mean Tekdiff is all new and all SOLO!
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some links of interest Untitled Document

Arrr! Here be some links ye might be likin'! And an HTML test!

Channel Surfing Wipeout

Uncomfortable Questions



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Ah ha! I messed up and if you downloaded the 8/31 show on Thursday night, here's my apology and why you might wanna download the show over again... or not...
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