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Tekdiff  3-28-08  Rantasy I'm a little piqued about something.
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Tekdiff 3-26-08 - The Account: A Tale of The Waking World, Chapter 4 Chapter 4 thickens the plot. The arrival at Waterford. And a drawing of Nyro i did a while back. In case anyone was wondering what she looked like. As far as I'm concerned, I mean.
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Tekdiff 3-21-08  - Slip is Late Slip is late for the news. A live remote. The Army. Easter.
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Tekdiff 3-18-08  The Account: A Tale of the Waking World, Chapter 3 Chapter 3. New faces. I got the date wrong as I started it yesterday, but there you go.
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Tekdiff 3/14/08-Update Audio Blog Update and ranting!
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Tekdiff 3/12/08 - The Account: A Tale of the Waking World. Chapter 2 The newly knighted Sir Phillips gets his gear and tries to catch a bus.
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Tekdiff 3/7/08 - Home again The usual practice. Coming home to mystery, commercials, new police drama, and scientific breakthroughs.
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Tekdiff 3/4/08 - The Account: A tale of the Waking World Part one of several. In which our intrepid hero gets an unwanted promotion.
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