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Halloween Spektakular- Teknikal Diffikulties 10/27/05 Shocktacular Halloween special! The faithful have their say! Male enhancement! The dead speak! And a very special literary Halloween special special. Afterlife special.
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The ghosts that haunt me.. Teknikal Diffikulties 10/20/05 The Ghosts of the Departed are annoyed... And Tekdiff takes a new direction. New Solo show! Enjoy!
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Teknikal Diffikulties 10/13/05  GAMES! Games for all occasions! FPS, S-Games! Solo flight! Whoot! Sorry, had to repost , there was a screw up.
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Asphalt Jungle Gym- Teknikal Diffikulties 10/6/05

New solo flight! Brace for landing! Drama! Pathos! Nurses! Press play!

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