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Teknikal Diffikulties 9/29/06 - A funny smoky smell.. Ouch. Where'd that wall come from...
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Teknikal Diffikulties - 9/22/06 - Stranger in a Strange Van Orcs, headaches, Animal TV, bluffs, more Orcs, therapy, and Lynerd's Big Adventure!
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Teknikal Diffikulties - 9/15/06 - No Time for Titles Coffee Nerves, Blame, & more! Crappy jokes need luvvvv!
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Teknikal Diffikulties 9/8/06 - Strange How the Wind Blows Tonight The Phone system, Eugene O'neil, Drinking problems, Gang Bustahs and Lynerd gears up.
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Teknikal Diffikulties 9/1/06 - Revenge of the Listeners The Listeners Challenge me! I rise! I go back to bed! Misanthropy! Monsters! Bandages! Suicide! TWO-HEADED MONKEY!! FIFTY DOLLARS!!!! Have you seen Pastor Ermine? If so please contact this podcast...
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