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Tekdiff 7-25-08 - A Cry for Help A trying week of crazy noise. Whee.
Anyway, I brung the laffs, you bring the chips and cheese!

I did a Transformers Rejects for

I don't think it's up yet, but keep an eye out for it.
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Tekdiff 7-18-08 - Mr Ask It! I'm back!  What's to say.  More comadee....
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For the benefit of those of you who don't read the forum page ( here's the update. I went to a sci-fi con last weekend and had a bit of an emotional breakdown (lifelong problems with social and personal anxiety coming to call). Nothing too catastrophic, but I realized I need help if I want to enjoy the remainder of my life. So, I scheduled a meeting with my doctor to set me up with a therapist. Anyway, I needed a week off, and I took it. There will be a new Tekdiff this coming Friday, so don't fret now. And, in case you were wondering, the con was actually a lot of fun. Apart from the crying, freak-out thing I mean. Sorry again.
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Tekdiff 7-4-08 4ourth It's the Fourth!
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