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Teknikal Diffikulties 8/25/06 - A Broken Light for Every Broadway Hard-on Dogs, shopping, food, Furries, and the good Pastor blows a Gasket.
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Tekdiff Promo! At long last! A New Promo! Play it on yer Podcast, Please!
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Teknikal Diffikulties 8/18/06 - The Downward Spatzel A marathon of a show with John Henry as my guest voice! Two guys, Real Estate, Coming attractions and special Musical Guest, MC/VL ( John's band). Plus listener promos! Burmbs awey!
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Teknikal Diffikulties 8/11/06  $35 and a Six-Pack to My Name Elder gods, clowns, TV, and you get to know me bettah!
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Teknikal Diffikulties 8/04/06  "Nude Condescending a Staircase" I not sure what brought this on...
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