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Tekdiff 2/29/08 - The Apostle Hour Pastor Ermine gets uncreative.
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Tekdiff 2/27/08 - And so it begins.. Here we go, hope this works, fingers crossed and all that.
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Tekdiff 2/22/08 - 3rd Year's The Charm 3rd Anniversary! Correction: LaPhroig is a Scottish Whiskey. A Scottish Whiskey. Not Irish. I knew that, and I got it right on the first take, but screwed it up when I did a correction take. My bad, sorry Scottish listeners, for incorrectly identifying that frightening alcoholic concoction of yours.
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Tekdiff 2/15/08 - My Virus. Let me show you it.
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Tekdiff 2/8/08 - Portrait of the Artist as a Whining Sack My artistic angst gets the best of me. Plus how authors deal, and how deals are authored.
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Tekdiff 2/1/08 - LEVELGRIND eps 2 LEVELGRIND #2 . Games and more games!
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